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Tripple Los
1. Intro Tripple Los
2. Eazy Living (feat. Kahnma, Sister Lubei) Tripple Los & Kahnma & Sister Lubei
3. On My Own [Explicit] Tripple Los
4. In the Air (feat. Billy Blue) Tripple Los & Billy Blue
5. That Way (feat. Tha Happ) Tripple Los & Tha Happ
6. Swangin
7. That Way (feat. Tha Happ) (Radio) Tripple Los & Tha Happ

Original Release Date: May 21, 2013
Label: MondoTunes
Copyright: 2013 Pinky N Thumb Entertainment
Total Length: 25:39
Genres: Rap & Hip-Hop
Format: Explicit Lyrics

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