Soliloquy: Ka Leo O Laka-Keola Beamer

Soliloquy: Ka Leo O Loko

Soliloquy: Ka Leo O Loko

  • アーティスト:Keola Beamer
  • 出版社/メーカー: Windham Hill Records
  • 発売日: 2002/01/11
  • メディア: CD

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1. Pailolo
2. Kapaula Bay
3. Kaulana Na Pua
4. Kolowaka
5. Li'i's Song
6. Mino'aka
7. Moana's Laundry Basket
8. Nala Hala O Nuae
9. Wai Ulu
10. Pauahi O Kalani
11. Kawohikukapulani
12. The Myna Bird's Dobro
13. Papa's okolehau
14. Ka Makani 'Ula'ula
15. Pau Lili Lehua
Of the slack key guitarists that pianist George Winston has brought to light from Hawaii, the most eloquent and forward-looking is Keola Beamer, which is ironic since his first album in 1973 was called Hawaiian Slack Key in the Real Old Style. There's nothing old about the music on Soliloquy. Unlike most of his brethren, Beamer rarely sings, and that seems to free him from the sometimes clichéd phrasing and melodies that are identified with Hawaiian music. Even without those signposts, Beamer's music is distinctly Hawaiian, beginning with the slack key guitar. It's a standard acoustic guitar, but the strings are tuned lower--literally, slacker--than normal. It gives the guitar a lazy, wistful sound just shy of yearning. Soliloquy mixes Beamer's original compositions with traditional songs in unique arrangements, including some for two acoustic guitars. A bit more low-key than his previous albums, featuring more nylon than steel string, Soliloquy is a quiet meditation born from the idyllic environment of Hawaii.
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