One Day - Kekoa

One Day / Neos Productions
One Day -
One Day -視聴
1. Can I Hold You
2. What If
3. Wahiawa Rain
4. One Day
5. Island Girl
6. More Than a Friend
7. Island Life
8. Rock Wit'cha
9. Give Me Time
10. So Beautiful
One Day - Kekoa

One Day - TOWER
Album Description
"One Day," Kekoa's first full length release, is full of soft, flowing island style R&B rhythms, sweet harmonies and soulful lyrics. While you're enjoying the dreamy acoustic melodies and Kekoa's smooth vocals, listen closely to his lyrics and discover an introspective, incurable romantic. From the gentle, "Wahiawa Rain," to the sentimental "What If," and the whimsical "Island Life," Kekoa's "One Day" is perfect for relaxing and romancing.

Audio CD (February 24, 2004)
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Neos Productions

More Love / Neos Productionsハワイアン・ボーン vol.04 / オムニバス, ケコア, デーモン・ウイリアムズ&ポマイ, レイド・ハシロ, ハート&ソウル, ホーヌア, ジャスティン, ノーム, レファ, カアラ・ボーイズ, カヴィカ・レジドール (CD - 2009)
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