From the Start - Malino

From the Start - MP3 Listen
From the Start - MP3 試聴
1. From the Start (feat. Kawikaveeka)
2. Yearnin
3. Hawaiian Man (feat. Kuaikz & Jerome Kekiwi Jr.)
4. Echoes
5. In Need (feat. Poncho Ho'opai)
6. Can't Get Enough
7. You're so Beautiful
8. Since I Met You
9. Mokuniki
10. Jesus, Just the Mention of Your Name

オリジナル盤発売日: 2015/7/7
発売日: 2015/7/7
レーベル: Malino
著作権: 2015 MALINO
収録時間: 35:00
ジャンル: レゲエ

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Hawaiian Man (feat. Kuaikz & Jerome Kekiwi Jr.) - Malino

Hawaiian Man (feat. Kuaikz & Jerome Kekiwi Jr.) - MP3 試聴
1. Hawaiian Man (feat. Kuaikz & Jerome Kekiwi Jr.)

オリジナル盤発売日: 2015/6/11
発売日: 2015/6/19
レーベル: Malino
著作権: 2015 MALINO
収録時間: 3:43
ジャンル: ハワイアンレゲエ

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Yearnin' - Single - Malino

Yearnin' - MP3 Listen
Yearnin' - MP3 試聴
1. Yearnin'

オリジナル盤発売日: 2015/4/8
発売日: 2015/4/8
レーベル: Malino
著作権: 2015 Malino
収録時間: 3:54
ジャンル: ハワイアンレゲエ

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Always Be Mine - Malino

Always Be Mine -
1.Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'
2.Never Go Astray
3.Mystical Love
4.Sweet Darlin'
5.Second Chance
6.Lily of the Valley
7.Moloka`i Moon
8.Ain't No Way
9.Preacher Man
10.Always Be Mine
12.Second Chance (remix)

Always Be Mine-TOWER
The John Malino Band is currently playing nightclubs and events in and around New York City. This band, ranging from four pieces on up is composed of talented musicians with strong backgrounds in jazz. John Malino is a soulful singer and guitarist. He began as a rock and roll artist, but his main focus has been jazz for the past seven years. Press reviews have compared Malino to John Pizzarelli, Harry Connick, Jr. and a young Frank Sinatra (see insert). Malino is also a songwriter; recently David Sanborn played saxophone on one of Malinos original tunes. The band plays jazz throughout New York City and the East coast, venues range from NYCs Birdland to The Kennedy Center.
Product Description
This CD was recorded by The John Malino Band live at Sardi's in NYC. It is a CD with jazz singer John Malino on vocals and guitar, along with keys, bass, drums and sax. They perform jazz standards, along with one original blues. This wonderful traditional music is intergenerational, clear and captivating.
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Mistah Records

1. ラヴィン、タッチン、スクウィージン
2. ネヴァー・ゴー・アストレイ
3. ミスティカル・ラヴ
4. スウィート・ダーリン
5. セカンド・チャンス
6. リリー・オブ・ザ・ヴァレー
7. モロカイ・ムーン
8. エイント・ノー・ウェイ
9. プリーチャー・マン
10. オールウェイズ・ビー・マン
11. マヌ・オーオー
12. セカンド・チャンス 〔リミックス〕
MALINO/Always Be Mine-HMV

Vince Saures-Ukulele/Vocals
Drigo Casio-Bass/Vocals
Kapono Cordero-Hoopai-Keyboards/Vocals
Allen Prest jr.-Drums
Nuu Kahalehau-Guitar/Vocals

Maui, Hawaii

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