Genres of Soul - RJ Kaneao

Genres of Soul
Genres of Soul - Amazon Digital
RJ Kaneao
1. Ain't No Paradise
2. Listen
3. Baby Please
4. My Dear Lovely
5. Fly Away
6. Hypocrite
7. Too Late
8. In the City
9. Do You Love Me
10. After Midnight

RJカネアオ(RJ Kaneao)、6年ぶりにアルバムリリース!
「Genres of Soul」が配信開始!
オリジナル盤発売日: 2017/12/22
発売日: 2017/12/22
レーベル: Groove Plant Hawaii c/o Robert Sterling Music
著作権: ℗c 2017 Groove Plant Hawaii c/o Robert Sterling Music
収録時間: 40:43
ジャンル: ブルース・カントリー
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Singing the Blues - R J Kaneao

Singing the Blues - MP3 試聴
R J Kaneao
1. Singing the Blues

オリジナル盤発売日: 2015/2/6
レーベル: Groove Planet c/o Robert Sterling Music Publishing
著作権: 2015 Groove Planet c/o Robert Sterling Music Publishing
収録時間: 4:44
ジャンル: ブルース・カントリー

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Hawaii Calls to Me - Single- Rj Kaneao

Hawaii Calls to Me - MP3 Listen
Hawaii Calls to Me - MP3 試聴
Rj Kaneao
1. Hawaii Calls to Me

Original Release Date: August 2, 2012
Label: Groove Plant Recordings c/o Robert Sterling Music Publishing
Copyright: 2012 Groove Plant Recordings c/o Robert Sterling Music Publishing
Total Length: 4:29
Genres: Alternative Rock

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Best of Me - RJ Kaneao

Best Of Me - MP3 Listen
Best Of Me - MP3 試聴
RJ Kaneao
1. Intro- Te Karakia O Te Atua / Best Of Me
2. Roots Woman
3. All Night
4. Ooh Baby (Shawty)
5. Polynesian Woman
6. Marry You
7. I Wanna Love You (Sweet Serendipity)
8. Babygirl
9. You're Beautiful
10. Just Friends
11. Gotta Get Up!
12. The Reminisce Song
13. Prodigal Son
14. I Can't Leave You Alone

Original Release Date: July 25, 2011
Label: Groove Plant Recordings c/o Robert Sterling Music Publishing
Copyright: 2011 Groove Plant Recordings c/o Robert Sterling Music Publishing
Total Length: 56:26
Genres:Reggae, R&B/General

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Toru - R.J.Kaneao

Toru - amazon.com視聴
R.J. Kaneao
1.Polynesian Interlude (le afi laua mu)
3.Loves Got A Hold On Us
4.This Is For My Lady
5.How Do I?
6.Sipn' On Wine
7.Back In my Arms
8.Answer My Plea
10.Groove With Me
11.Why Do You?
12.Ooh Now Girl!
13.Now She Here, Now We One
14.Ku`ulei Pikake `Onaona

Combing reggae grooves, heart felt ballads, and Polynesian rhythms, RJ Kaneao's unique blend of contemporary sounds and traditional beats lends to the color of local Hawai'i and Pacific music. Performing along such greats as Don Ho, Melveen Leed, Dennis Pavao, Mana'o and Company, Kawao, Fiji, O-shen, and many others RJ has spent much of his life fine tuning the details of island music.
With his third release, Toru, RJ Kaneao highlights his musical inspirations and brings his journey back to its roots. Recorded completely in his own studio Toru is a testament not only to RJ's musical gifts but his technical skill behind the boards as well. Toru is RJ's giving of himself back to his listeners, fans, and family.


R.J.Kaneao 関連商品
Island Style
Island Music, Vol. 2 - Various Artists-iTunes
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Flipside - R.J.Kaneao

R.J. Kaneao
Track Listings
1. I Got Your Love
2. Tears I Cry
3. Love Me Now
4. Please Be Mine
5. Flipside
6. Reggae Love
7. Hawaii Calls To Me
8. Waipio
9. Love To Be Loved
10. Three Words
Born and raised in the quiet little country town of Honoka'a on the Big Island, R.J. took the stage at a very early age. As far back as 16 years ago, you could catch him doing what he loves to do most. Music has always played a major role in R.J.'s life. Starting from watching his cousins and brother-in-law who were heavily involved in the local music scene, R.J. became very interested in music and performing in general. He started his career in various lip-sync contests and then became interested in singing for real. He got his first recital singing live in church at a Christmas eve midnight mass. After that, his confidence grew and he began training his voice harder under the instruction of Mrs. Patricia Souza of neighboring town Pa'auilo.

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Lanui - R.J.Kaneao

LANUI- amazon.com視聴
1. Intro, The Quest-(Wa'a & African Chant Asimbonanga, with Fiji)
2. E Ho'o Lono Mai
3. This Man Won't Love You Better
4. Oh My Baby - (with B.E.T.)
5. Love You Driving Me Crazy
6. Kapua
7. Redemption (The Message)
8. Stylee (C'mon Come Over)
9. Said I Love You
10. 1st Met You - (with Mana Kaleilani Caceres)
11. Ain't Got No Shame
12. Da One
13. Who Is She? - (with Fiji)
14. Whispered In The Wind Ryler James Lanui Kaneao
15. Thru A Father's Eyez - (Aaron's Lullaby, with Arron K./Kalahiki-Kaneao)

R.J.Kaneao 関連商品
Island Style
Da One - Island Music, Vol. 2
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