Wait on Me - King Kekai

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King Kekai
1. Wait on Me (Original Mix) [Explicit]
2. After Dark (feat. Kaipo Kapua) (Original Mix)
3. Island Girl (feat. Joseph Soul) (Original Mix)
4. Jumping (feat. G-MO) (Original Mix)
5. Danger (Original Mix)
6. Candy (feat. Kick it Free) (Original Mix)
7. So Wrong So Right (feat. Ashley S) (Original Mix)
8. She's Perfect (feat. Lamar Lantham) (Original Mix)
9. Massive (feat. Shango, Shiumama) (Original Mix)
10. Lovely Day (feat. LT Da Big Samoan, Troy Fernandez) (Original Mix)
11. Mr. Governor (Original Mix)
12. Bad Man Deh Yah (feat. Shango, Big L) (Original Mix)
13. Lullabye aka Goodnight (feat. I.A., Krystilez) (Original Mix)
14. Hell of a Night (feat. Roxy OTM) (Original Mix)
15. Work That (feat. Diz) (Original Mix) [Explicit]
16. Paper Chaser (feat. Splitbreed) (Original Mix)

Wait on Me - King Kekai

Original Release Date: July 28, 2013
Label: Ekahi Entertainment
Copyright: 2013 Ekahi Entertainment
Total Length: 1:01:51
Genres: Hiphop Rap

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Alive and Well - King Kekai

Alive and Well-iTunes
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King Kekai
1. Alive and Well
2. Woman
3. The Cali Way
4. Candy
5. In the Hi
6. Island Girl
7. Lovely Day
8. Mr. Governor
9. So Wrong So Right
10. Don't Know Love

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Naha Stone - King Kekai

Naha Stone-iTunes
King Kekai
1.Naha Stone
2.Take a Walk With Me
3.To Raise a Man
4.Even Though It's Raining
5.H's Up
6.Just an Island Away
7.Green Bottles
8.Feel Like Making Love
9.Let's Get Down
10.Head Nod Music
11.Seed of Love
12.Take A Walk With Me (acoustic)
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