A Day in Paradise - Kapono Beamer

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Kapono Beamer(カポノ・ビーマー)
1 Paradise Found
2 Say One Word
3 You Never Know
4 A Day With Rosie
5 Deep as the River
6 You Bring the Sun
7 You're Hurting Me
8 Girls With Golden Tans
9 Silent Crossing
10 Don't Fly Away
11 Bring in the Light
12 A Love so Deep
13 Sunny Smiles
14 Can't Forget Her
15 Lady Dawn
16 I'll Keep You in My Mind
17 Free and Easy
18 Estelle
19 Follow the Sun
20 The Dancing Squid
21 I'll Miss You

オリジナル盤発売日: 2009/1/1
レーベル: Rosenklang
著作権: 2009 Rosenklang
収録時間: 1:05:23
ジャンル: ハワイアン,スラッキー・ギター

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Spirit Of Hawaii - Kapono Beamer

Spirit Of Hawaii - Amazon.co.jp
Kapono Beamer
1. Kaua I Ka Huahua’i (Hawaiian Chant)
2. My Rose Of Waikiki
3. Moloka’i Nui A Hina
4. Ka Makani Kaili Aloha
5. Chime Of Maui
6. Hi’ilawe
7. Ku’u Ipo I Ka He’e Pu’e One
8. Alekoki
9. Wai O Ke Ani Ani
10. O Makalapua
11. Hilo March
12. Ku’u Lei Awapuhi
13. Palisa
14. Hilo Hanakahi
15. Nani Hawai’i
16. Aloha Oe
17. Over The Rainbow (bonus track)

Kapono Beamer/Spirit Of Hawaii (Target Exclusive)<限定盤> [TOWER]
Spirit of Hawaii - HMV

CD (2013/7/16)
ディスク枚数: 1
レーベル: Mood

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Escape to Paradise - Kapono Beamer

Escape to Paradise - iTunes Listen(試聴)
Kapono Beamer
1. Pipeline Slack Key
2. North Shore Road
3. Kimo Hula
4. Kapua
5. Oli Pele
6. Pele Sleeps
7. Pele Lives Again
8. Here Once Before
9. Tahiti Girl
10. Escape to Paradise

Younger half of the legendary Beamer Brothers, Kapono's 1st solo album was Album of the Year 1984; Original Contemporary Hawaiian, slack key acoustic guitar, smooth vocals; full band with orchestrations, and guest recording artists.
Copyright - Kapono B Beamer
Kapono Beamer Enterprises, Ltd.
Release Date: 2012

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Sunny Holiday - Kapono Beamer

Sunny Holiday - iTunes
Kapono Beamer
1.Sunny Holiday
2.Lucky In Love
3.Two On the Road
4.Chasing a Rainbow
6.Fragrant Memory
7.The Beach Rock
8.Smiling Times
9.Let's Go Together
10.Sunny Afternoon
11.Love Attack

Audio CD (August 30, 2005)
Original Release Date: August 30, 2005
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Kapono Beamer Enterprises

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Slack Key Dreams of Ponomoe - Kapono Beamer

Slack Key Dreams of Ponomoe

Slack Key Dreams of Ponomoe

  • アーティスト:Kapono Beamer
  • 出版社/メーカー: Kapono Beamer
  • 発売日: 2005/08/30
  • メディア: CD

Slack Key Dreams of Ponomoe-amazon.com試聴
Kapono Beamer
1. Manono Chant
2. E Manono
3. Ka Lele O Pueo
4. Ua Ki O Wao
5. Ano Ano
6. Out of My Control
7. Lost In The Sound of Your Voice
8. Kani Wailele
9. Kanaho
10. Ke Ha'a 'Ala Puna
11. Makahonu
12. Bullah Ilio
13. Kalamaikalani

Kapono Beamer's new CD, "Slack Key Dreams of Ponomoe" is an awakening of creative forces. Always a musical innovator, Kapono explores new territories in songwriting as his artistry continually evolves.
Joining Kapono are jazz drummer Noel Okimoto and jazz bassist Dean Taba who impart an irrisistible contemporary groove on Kapono's original compositions.

Slack Key Dreams of the Ponomoe-iTunes
Kapono Beamer/Slack Key Dreams Of Ponomoe [KBECD138] - TOWER
Kapono Beamer/Slack Key Dreams Of Ponomoe-HMV
CD (2005/8/30)
ディスク枚数: 1
フォーマット: Import, from UK
レーベル: Kapono Beamer

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Pana Aloha, Hawaiian Heartbeat - Kapono Beamer

Pana Aloha

Pana Aloha

  • アーティスト:Kapono Beamer
  • 出版社/メーカー: Kapono Beamer
  • 発売日: 2003/03/05
  • メディア: CD

Pana Aloha, Hawaiian Heartbeat - Amazon.co.jp MP3 試聴
Pana Aloha, Hawaiian Heartbeat-amazon.com CD MP3 Listen

Kapono Beamer
1. Ua Noho Au A Kupa
2. Old Plantation
3. Ku'u Ipo I Ka He'e Pu'e One
4. Kaimana Hila
5. Beautiful Kahana
6. Ku'u Lei Awapuhi
7. Mahinalani
8. Kamalani O Keaukaha
9. Kalama Ai One
10. Pua Mae'ole
11. Pua Lilia
12. Makalapua

Kapono Beamer/Pana Aloha, Hawaiian Heartbeat [KBECD137] - TOWER
Kapono Beamer/Pana Aloha-HMV

Audio CD (September 11, 2001)
Original Release Date: September 11, 2001
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Kapono Beamer
ASIN: B000062T6X

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Hawaii's Keola and Kapono BeamerHonolulu City LightsCruisin' on Hawaiian TimePacific Paradise Vol.1

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Great Grandmother, Great Grandson - Kapono Beamer

Great Grandmother Great Grandson

Great Grandmother Great Grandson

  • アーティスト:Kapono Beamer
  • 出版社/メーカー: Orchard
  • 発売日: 2003/03/05
  • メディア: CD

Great Grandmother Great Grandson - Amazon.co.jp MP3 試聴
Great Grandmother, Great Grandson-amazon.com CD MP3Listen

Kapono Beamer
1. Kimo Hula
2. Kawohikukapulani
3. Keawaiki
4. Na Kuahiwi 'Elima
5. Ke Ali'i Hulu Mamo
6. Mahai'ula
7. To You
8. Paniau
9. Moani Ke 'Ala
10. Eastern Star Prayer
11. Pua Malihini
12. Lei O Ha'ena
13. Pihanakalani
14. Kimo Hula

Audio CD (September 1, 1998)
Original Release Date: September 1, 1998
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Kapono Beamer

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Paradise Found - Kapono Beamer

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Kapono Beamer
1.Girls With Golden Tans
2.Sunny Smiles
4.Can't Forget Her
5.Say One Word
6.Here Once Before
7.Free And Easy
8.Deep As The River
9.Paradise Found
10.You Never Know
11.You're Hurting Me
12.The Dancing Squid
13.Follow the Sun
14.Tropical Memories
15.The Daydream Theme
16.Far East Eyes
17.A Day With Rosie
18.Don't Fly Away
19.Illusions of Time
20.You Bring the Sun
21.Moody Woman
22.Changing My Life
23.After The Rain

販売終了 A Day in Paradiseに移されました

Label: APM Music
Copyright: (c) 1991 Sonoton
Total Length: 1:14:13

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About the Artist
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Secrets Under the Sun - Kapono Beamer

Secrets Under the Sun - Amazon.co.jp MP3 試聴
er="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" />
Kapono Beamer
1.Secrets Under the Sun
2.Brand New Morning
3.The Spirit Sings
4.The Guardian Never Sleeps
5.How Soft the Rain
6.Hapuna Slack Key
7.Warm Forces
8.Sweet Shelter
9.When She Smiles
10.Never Enough
11.Under The Waves
12.Voice On The Wind
13.Twilight Beachwalk
14.To Lahaina
15.Secrets Under the Sun: Finale

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Silent Crossing - Kapono Beamer

Silent Crossing-amazon.com
Kapono Beamer
1.Late Night Dancer
3.Lady Dawn
4.Leaving at Twilight
5.Can't You See the Light
6.I'll Keep You in Mind
7.Give And Take
8.Silent Crossing
9.Bring in the Night
11.I'll Miss You
12.Miles to Go

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Honolulu City LightsWooden BoatCruisin' on Hawaiian TimeThe Best of Keola & Kapono Beamer

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Original Music from Hawai - Kapono Beamer & Mac Prindy

Original Music from Hawai - iTunes
Kapono Beamer & Mac Prindy
1.Hele Lua A
2.Alaula A
3.Girls Of Waikiki A
4.Walking On The Beach A
5.Kahala Sunset A
6.Luau Party A
7.Kai Malie A
8.Lei For You, A
9.Aloha Ipolani A
10.Hulopoe Punch A
11.Mai Kapo Mai A
12.Hukia Mai A
13.Vacation A
14.Malahini Aloha A

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