The Gifted and Lifted Mixtape - Philly Blizzy

The Gifted and Lifted Mixtape - iTunes
Philly Blizzy
1. K to Tha
2. Dibi Dibi
3. Paradise Found
4. Aloha Aina 
5. Angels in the Sky
6. Aunty Keri
7. Influence
8. 1977
9. Battle Song
10. Wiggle Wiggle
11. Roots Hip Hop Reggae

Beach Music from the Big Island of Hawaii. Part Hip-Hop, part saltwater.
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap: Hip Hop
Release Date: 2017

Philly Blizzy blends the beach, beats, life, fun, and conscious content to create his own unique Big Island based hip hop. A key member of Arena Productions, Philly grew up island style - in the ocean, surfing, and connected to the land around him. Taking these natural influences and blending them with the sounds of west coast hip hop, Philly has been compared to Snoop Dogg and Slug of Atmosphere, and has shared the stage with Pepper, Pato Banton, Slightly Stoopid, and more.
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