Searchin' For Surf - Bad Papa

Searchin' For Surf
Searchin' For Surf - Amazon Digital
Bad Papa
1. Leslie
2. Searchin' for Surf
3. Apapani
4. Julie's Song
5. Waterfall
6. Night of the Obaki
7. Sharkey Going Feral
8. Walk Down
9. Slackmenco
10. Green Flash
11. Dolphin Dance
12. Calliope

オリジナル盤発売日: 2017/6/1
発売日: 2017/6/1
レーベル: Bad Papa
著作権: ℗c 2017 Bad Papa
収録時間: 44:52
ジャンル: スラック・キー・ギター

"Searchin For Surf" is a masterfully crafted 12 song instrumental CD created by the talented "Bad Papa" music duo from the Big Island of Hawaii.
Beautiful, original, easy listening island music that celebrates the collaboration between Hawaiian Slack Key guitar tunings and standard guitar tuning. "Bad Papa" mixes them together to achieve an incredibly unique sound that will surely transport you right back to your favorite island get away.
If you are looking for incredible guitar playing, intricate rhythms, soulful melodies and heartfelt music creations, then we are pleased to announce that your search is finally over!
"Searchin For Surf" cd by Bad Papa
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