Nauwe Tahiti - Aja (Aja Gample)

Nauwe Tahiti
Nauwe Tahiti
Aja(Aja Gample)
1. Nauwe Tahiti


オアフ島在住、女性スラッキー・ギタリスト、エジャ(Aja Gample)のニューシングルは
ハワイ語で書かれた、タヒチアンダンスの歌!「Nauwe Tahiti」が配信開始!
"Nauwe Tahiti" is a Hawaiian song written in olelo Hawaiʻi about the fun and Life of Ori Tahiti.
オリジナル盤発売日: 2017/9/15
発売日: 2017/9/15
レーベル: Aja Gample
著作権: ℗c 2017 Aja Gample
収録時間: 2:47
ジャンル: ハワイアン、タヒチアン

Album Notes

Thereʻs an ancient Hawaiian saying that goes, "i ka ʻōlelo nō ke ola i ka ʻōlelo nō ka make" which basically means, in the language there is life, and in the language there is also death. Words can heal and words can destroy, at the center of any culture is the language. My responsibility is to perpetuate the language which I do by writing songs. That which inspires me to write is dance...

Hula, the Hawaiian art of dancing, to me is at the center of the culture as well because in it, is the livelihood of our people. To be able to recall stories from the past, visit places far away, we can share this all through hula, and again at the center of hula, ka ʻōlelo. Be it, hula, ori Tahiti, siva, or bachata, dance brings the culture to life and is for me, what drives and inspires my work.
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