Family Memories: The Best of Dad, Nick, and Alx - Manoa DNA

Family Memories: The Best of Dad, Nick, and Alx
Family Memories: The Best of Dad, Nick, and Alx - Amazon Digital
Manoa DNA
1. Reef in Waikiki
2. Hallelujah
3. Love the View
4. Down in Paradise / Ka Beauty A'o Manoa
5. Live Aloha
6. Break the Silence
7. Our Hawai'i
8. Ka'a'ahi Kahului
9. Say I Do
10. Everywhere You Go
11. The Hurt
12. Love the One You're With
13. Quicksand
14. Only in Hawai'i
15. The Way You Make Me Feel
16. Land Down Under
17. Just for You
18. Fire and Rainbows
19. Discover Aloha with Me


オリジナル盤発売日: 2017/12/9
発売日: 2017/12/9
レーベル: ASFI Records
著作権: ℗c 2017 Manoadna
収録時間: 1:09:06
ジャンル: ハワイアン、ポップス

Album Notes

ManoaDNA’s FAMILY MEMORIES is an album filled with the best of ManoaDNA. Listen and reminisce of years gone by and the family journey we were blessed to have navigated. And what a journey it’s been.
Remember the excitement and innovations ManoaDNA brought to the Hawaii music scene. Original theme songs, covers and hula songs in three part harmonies that are like ear candy! Then ManoaDNA adds a surprise with new recordings that exemplify ManoaDNA’s decade of growth, both vocally & technically.

“Reef in Waikiki” written by Alx Kawakami and “Love the View” co written by Alx Kawakami and Jon Yamasato demonstrate a level of writing that eclipses the perceived limitations often placed on local music. Alx takes the lead vocals on both these recordings. Listen to the strength in his voice as it blends beautifully with the still perfect harmonies for which ManoaDNA is known. These pitch perfect vocals make listening, not only easy, but extremely enjoyable while the upbeat rhythms elicit the need to tap your foot and dance ‘til dawn down in Waikiki.

The new cover “Hallelujah” slows the tempo while raising the bar in harmonies. Only DNA can create vocals so close in timbre one can barely detect the lead change. Alx, begins on lead followed by Nick so closely as to make the lead change indiscernible. Lloyd adds a strong fatherly touch and the harmonic finish is magic.

Enjoy FAMILY MEMORIES. It is our way of saying thank you... thank you always supporting us ... Thank you always bringing us joy... and thank you for sending your love. Please know, though our journey may be taking us in a new direction, our path will always have memories of you. We, as a family, move forward in harmony and togetherness.
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