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Como Fue / Pehea La
Como Fue / Pehea La - Amazon Digital
Kalae Miles-Davis
1. Como Fue / Pehea La


カラエ・マイルス・ディヴィスが、ラテン系ハワイアンの曲Como Fue / Pehea Laをシングルリリース
オリジナル盤発売日: 2018/2/21
発売日: 2018/2/21
レーベル: Mea Nui Records LLC
著作権: ℗c 2018 Marvin Kalani Miles
収録時間: 4:06
ジャンル: ラテン系ハワイアン
An accomplished vocalist and graduate of the University of Hawai'i @ Manoa Music Department, Kalae Miles-Davis is a native Hawaiian now residing in the sleepy beach town of Santa Cruz, California. Kalae shares one of his favorite latin songs flavored with a Hawaiian twist as his smooth yet powerful vocal style combined soulfully with ukulele, hawaiian slack key guitar, hawaiian steel guitar and upright bass takes listeners on a nostalgic trip to old Hawai'i. This, Kalae's newest single is a simple precursor of the music to come from this Hawaiian now living Stateside!!
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