Bottled Up - The Instigators

Bottled Up [Explicit]
Bottled Up [Explicit] - Amazon Digital
The Instigators
1. The Game
2. Rosa Maria
3. Shooting Blanks
4. Durante la Noche
5. Cut the Cord
6. Better
7. Brennan's Song
8. I Want You
9. Home
10. Good Morning


ハワイのロック・バンド、ザ・インスティゲーターズ(The Instigators)がファースト・アルバム「Bottled Up」をリリース!
オリジナル盤発売日: 2017/12/28
発売日: 2017/12/28
レーベル: Huikau Club Music LLC
著作権: ℗c 2017 Huikau Club Music LLC
収録時間: 35:15
ジャンル: ロック

Album Notes

The Instigators are an alternative-reggae four-piece currently based in Honolulu, Hawai’i.

Founded in 2011, the band currently consists of original members Ka’ala Tsukada [vocals/guitar], Paul Spencer [bass], and Ryan Aquino [drums], with Landan Tolentino [guitar] being the most recent addition to the group.

"Bottled Up" encompasses many influences from The Instigators' biggest idols. You will hear Sublime, Pepper, Ballyhoo!, No Doubt, and maybe even some Fall Out Boy here and there. The album is a story and each song is a chapter that relates to the members own life experiences. Their music releases a vibe that resonates with its listeners to create a connection that everyone can relate to; while keeping it fun and enjoyable to listen to.

Their punkish stage presence and ability to get onlooking audiences raunchy and rowdy has awarded the Instigators their reputation among Honolulu’s various bars and venues as the “party band,” nearly expected to bring the chaos of a house party wherever they perform.
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