Simply - Ben Ahn

Simply - MP3試聴
Ben Ahn
1. My Voice (feat. Mark Keali`i Ho`omalu)
2. Escalator
3. Lazy
4. Watermelon Seeds
5. Right Now

オリジナル盤発売日: 2016/10/28
発売日: 2016/10/28
レーベル: Jmilzmusic
著作権: 2016 Ben Ahn
収録時間: 20:27
ジャンル: ワールド

Album Notes

This was a passion project 35 years in the making, rooted in a need to exit the world of cover song entertainment and express something that had meaning to me.

"Simply" is the culmination of my musical journey to date, and aims to release the emotions and thoughts inside of me in the form of sound.
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