Rose Marie

Nanakuli E - MP3 試聴
Rose Marie
1. Nanakuli E (feat. Samson Hoohuli)
2. Lahaina
3. Lover's Prayer
4. Save the Last Dance
5. I Can't Help It If I'm Still in Love With You
6. Ke Ala a Ka Jeep
7. Funny Face / My Sweet Sweeting (feat. Clifford Iokia)
8. A Little Bit of Soap
9. Cucurrucucu Paloma (feat. Willie K.)
10. Woman (Baby) You Took My Life (feat. Fiji)
11. Dreaming With My Baby (feat. Samson Hoohuli)
12. Great Is the Lord and Most Worthy of Praise (feat. Jeff Rasmussen)
13. My Hawaiian Baby

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