Trust Me Behind the Curtain - Dustin Pacleb

Trust Me Behind the Curtain - iTunes
Dustin Pacleb
1. Keeps Me Alive
2. The Sad Truth
3. What's Best Isn't Always What's Easy
4. Pocket Change
5. The Goodbye
6. Moment
7. Sprinkler Systems
8. The Piece of You Under My Skin
9. Fly Away
10. Closure
11. Symphony

Album Notes

Trust Me Behind The Curtain is the very first full length album released by Dustin Pacleb. It is written from his experiences in a past relationship that ended on a bad note because of............well, you'll have to listen to the songs to find out! 11 songs tell the story of what happened, what Pacleb learned through the whole experience, and how he grew as a person in the aftermath.

"It's my hope that people who can relate to these songs will be encouraged in knowing that they are never alone in this world. As long as they are still breathing, there is hope in God and His goodness and ability, to take any situation and use it for His glory and our joy." - Dustin Pacleb
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