The Heavy Crown - Pimpbot

The Heavy Crown - Pimpbot
1. Shake the Ropes
2. Wasn't Invited
3. Hold Me Close
4. Good Times Ahead
5. Devil in New Mexico
6. Long Days
7. Drink More Beer
8. Hipster
9. Drinking Alone
10. Don't Waste My Time

Rock/Reggae/Ska from Hawaii's nightlife capital... Waikiki!

ジャンル: レゲエ, ミュージック, ロック
リリース: 2015年12月18日
℗ 2015 Pimpbot LLC/Pass Out Records

Album Notes

At just a few months away from their 15th anniversary, PIMPBOT releases their 4th full-length album, "The Heavy Crown." The rock/reggae outfit from Waikiki is known for their explosive live show with heavy percussion, vocal harmonies and a horn section. Loyal listeners will be treated the newest member in the line-up, Cathy Lagrimas, aka "Kat Von Keys." Doing the work of three men, she plays trumpet, keyboards and croons along side frontman Fernando Pacheco.Not to worry, the heavy-hitting rhythm section of PIMPBOT has not gone anywhere. Tom Coleman continues to deliver ear-splitting guitar solos while Rylan Yee keeps your heart thumping with his basslines. If you find the horn section sounding extra thick, it's because drummer Eric Lagrimas steps out in front of his drum set to play tenor saxophone on a few of the album tracks.

Standing as one of the longest running rock acts in Honolulu, PIMPBOT uses "The Heavy Crown" to expresses the challenge of staying at the top of their game among the up and comers of the music scene. They have seen many bands come and go but they hold true to the ska/punk rhythms that took the country by storm in the 90s. They continue to evolve the genre with a mixture of soul, dancehall and angst-fueled punk.
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