And Float Away - The Alonzo Spirit Band

And Float Away - MP3 試聴
The Alonzo Spirit Band
1. Aloha Au I Ke Ola
2. A Beautiful Morning
3. The River Rolls Back
4. My Sweet Lord
5. Lead Me Home
6. Walkin' in the Light
7. It's the Way
8. Ride On Soul Rider
9. Cosmic Cadillac
10. Moonlight On the Snow
11. A Place for You (Meditation)
12. Angels Song
13. And Float Away

オリジナル盤発売日: 2015/12/4
発売日: 2015/12/4
レーベル: Di-Tone Records
著作権: 2015 Alan Rosen
収録時間: 44:55
ジャンル: ポップス、 宗教音楽・教会音楽

Pop, island, upbeat and soul soothing songs, beautiful harmonies, all filled with the spiritual vibe of the island of Hawaii -- 11 originals plus A Beautiful Morning and My Sweet Lord recorded on the Big Island by an All-Star band of singers and musicians
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