Echoes - Aidan James

Echoes - MP3 試聴
Aidan James
1. Days of December
2. Everything Will Be Alright
3. Echoes (feat. Sans)
4. The Girl On the TV Screen
5. Over You (feat. Kapali Long)
6. I'll Be There
7. You
8. Back to Where We Came From (As Featured On HBO's "Saving My Tomorrow")
9. Fast Car (Acoustic Looping Version) [Live]
10. Energy (feat. Shen of Def Tech)
11. Still Mean Something to Me (Bonus Track)

Debut album from 14 yr old singer-songwriter infusing the ukulele into pop/rock music...
オリジナル盤発売日: 2015/12/1
発売日: 2015/12/1
レーベル: Aidan James
著作権: 2015 Aidan James
収録時間: 38:49
ジャンル: ポップス

14 yr old singer-songwriter, Aidan James, releases his debut album "Echoes" as a follow up to his Hoku Award Nominated EP "Live Again". Collaborating with award-winning writers, musicians, and producers, Aidan infuses the ukulele into a mainstream pop/rock sound.
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