Big Horizon - Bottle of Blue

Big Horizon - MP3 試聴
Bottle of Blue
1. Traveler
2. I Wanna Feel It
3. Living Inside My Head
4. The Plan
5. Do You Wanna Walk With Me
6. Another Lazy Song
7. Dancing With Fire
8. What I Wanna Do
9. Lazy Mountain Blues
10. Missing You

オリジナル盤発売日: 2015/10/10
発売日: 2015/10/10
レーベル: Bottle of Blue
著作権: 2015 Bottle of Blue
収録時間: 46:23
ジャンル: ブルース・カントリー,ロック

Album Notes
Big Horizon is the brand new release from the band Bottle of Blue. A neo-classic rock album drawing elements of 70s rock, together with blues and even reggae sounds. Bottle of Blue main members are Scott Reagan on lead vocals, Marion Geruschat on acoustic guitar and vocals, and Dan Corippo on electric guitar, backing vocals, and bass guitar on most of the album. They then teamed with Brent Argovitz, who not only produced the album, but also performed the drums, keyboards, and other percussion elements. They enlisted Damon Williams, of Phat Bula Records, for the recording, engineering, mastering, and the instrumentation on the track "Another Lazy Song". Jon Lalanne contributed his masterful harmonica stylings to the track "The Plan".
This album pays great homage to American music with influences of classic and modern rock, blues, reggae, and even folk. With great guitar songs like "Dancing With Fire", "Living Inside My Head", and "Missing You". The brash driving feel of "I Wanna Feel It". The laid back island styling of "Another Lazy Song". And the powerful message driven essence of "Do You Wanna Walk With Me".
This album has something for every music fan. Get your copy today!
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