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Sweet Pualeinani
1. Sweet Pualeinani (feat. Natalie Ai Kamauu & Hoku Zuttermeister)
2. Sweet Pualeinani (Instrumental) [feat. Dave Tucciarone & Dan Del Negro]

オリジナル盤発売日: 2015/9/26
発売日: 2015/9/26
レーベル: Atooi Aloha LLC
著作権: 2015 Atooi Aloha LLC
収録時間: 7:55
ジャンル: ポップス、ハワイアン

A heartfelt recital of eternal love and Aloha is embraced here reflecting the life of a child named Sweet PuaLeinani, through the eyes of her mother's embrace and pure love through childhood to womanhood and the embrace and pure love of the man she betroths. This is a timeless love story that will be shared and sung for generations to come. Aloha
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