The Truth - Clint Evan Scarborough

The Truth - cdbaby Listen(試聴)
Clint Evan Scarborough
1. Chasing (feat. Joe Fausett)
2. You Can't Make Us Love (feat. Mayuri Nakasone & Joe Fausett)
3. Pushing Me (feat. Joe Fausett & Mayuri Nakasone)
4. A Good Disguise (feat. Joe Fausett)
5. Flesh and Blood (feat. Joe Fausett)
6. Not Again (feat. Joe Fausett)
7. Unlightened (feat. Mayuri Nakasone & Joe Fausett)
8. This Road (feat. Joe Fausett & Mayuri Nakasone)
9. Another Cup (feat. Joe Fausett & Mayuri Nakasone)
10. Cliche´ (feat. Joe Fausett)

Positive, alternative, intelligent rock and roll with Soul.

Genre: Rock: Adult Alternative Pop/Rock
Release Date: 2014
コピーライトマーク Copyright - Clint Evan Scarborough / Driven By Truth

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