Crave You -Single- Brittni Paiva

Crave You - iTunes
Brittni Paiva
1. Crave You (Flight Facilities Adventure Club Ukulele Remix)

ジャンル: エレクトロニック, ミュージック, ダンス
リリース: 2015年2月4日
℗ 2015 Brittni Paiva

Album Notes
My arrangement this song started about a year ago. I have always had a varied taste in music and EDM (Electronic Dance Music) is one of my favorites. The more people that I shared this song with, the more they urged me to release it. I have always wanted to share my love for the ukulele with the world, and show the versatility of the instrument. This is a new sound for the ukulele, and I hope that you will join me in this time of freedom, exploration and love of music.
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