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Casey Turner
1. In Waikiki

"In Waikiki" Up Beat, Feel Good Aloha island jammer. Island Beach Rock / Light Reggae and Raised Vibes.

From California
Genre: Reggae: Pop-Reggae
Release Date: 2015
c Copyright - Casey Turner / Ctm Media

This Track features Braddah John Naki (Drummer from SDIB), John Crittenden on Bass, Braddah Raymond Akahi on ukulele, Mark Morante of Chill Clinton w DJ scratches, Conrad Sansbury on Pedal Steel (Hi flavor), CT on guitars, vocals and rap action.

With his ukulele and easy on the ears vocal, Casey Turner manages to mix a light reggae vibe with an easy acoustic rock feel… With much time spent in the islands of Hawaii, one can definitely feel and hear the modern day ALOHA radiating from Turner and his music. His music and lyrics have captured the attention of audiences of all genres.
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