Paniolo Music - Dagan Bernstein

Paniolo Music - MP3 試聴
Dagan Bernstein
1. Cascade Love
2. Leavin' Tomorrow in the Morn
3. It Ain't Too Hard (To Love to Love You)
4. All I Have to Do (Is What I Have to Do)
5. I Remembered Your Eyes (When You Left Me)
6. I Couldn't Turn Him Away
7. As the Moon Rises Over the Sea
8. He Can't Suffer Fools
9. Only Heartache
10. I Can Sit Still for Awhile
11. Let the Music Play

Original Hawaiian Country Music from paniolo country in Waimea on the Big Island of Hawai`i. All original songs about love and heartache played with acoustic instruments including guitar, ukulele, weissenborn, resonator and bass.

Genre: Country: Traditional Country
Release Date: 2015
c Copyright - Dagan Bernstein / Paniolo Music

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