Motoka - Brittni Paiva

Motoka - MP3 試聴
Brittni Paiva
1. Motoka

This is an instrumental ukulele piece that I composed in memory of our Grandma, Motoka Kimura.

Genre: World: Asian
Release Date: 2015
コピーライトマーク Copyright - Brittni Paiva / Brittni Paiva Music

Album Notes
This single was composed for our Grandma, Motoka Kimura. My wife and I were very close to her and although she past away in December 2014, we will always miss and remember her. While composing this song, I interviewed my wife's sister and cousins to get to know what Grandma was like in her earlier days. I hope that you will experience through this song the feeling of loving and kindness that embodied Motoka.
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