Raw Sugar - Pau Hana Blues Band

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Pau Hana Blues Band
1. Used Blues
2. Caress Me, Baby
3. Me and the Bank
4. 444
5. Run Me Down
6. Sky Is Crying
7. Do Most Anything
8. All Your Troubles Will Be Gone
9. Walk On the Wild Side
10. Though You're Gone
11. Bright Lights
12. The Band Kept Playing
13. I Wanna Be Loved
14. Stormy Weather
15. Don't Go to Bed (Without Me)
16. Reconsider

Relaxed, fun blues, including both originals and classics, played often in a country or jazzy style by three cats who never practice together except when they see each other on Mondays at a small, friendly club in Hawaii.

Genre: Blues: Mellow Blues
Release Date: 2014
コピーライトマーク Copyright - Pau Hana Blues Band / Kekela Sounds

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