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Cultural Nation
1. Calling in Sick Today

To all the hard workers out there that need a day off every now and again this one's for you, "Calling In Sick Today"!

Genre: Reggae: Rocksteady
Release Date: 2015
コピーライトマーク Copyright - John Ruddock / Banana Bush Records

Album Notes

Polynesian Reggae Roots with messages to uplift the people of the pacific and show the world what we represent. Our history and our lifestyles are rarely taught or even known outside of the pacific and our ultimate goal is to show the world that we are about peace, love, and unity. We want to unite all races as one nation, one culture, one color, and one people through reggae music. Based out off Hawaii, which is considered the melting pot of the world, it was one a nation and with the presence of aloha (love) has always been so strong throughout Hawaii's history it inspired us to call ourselves, Cultural Nation.
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