Storm's a Brewin' - Storm

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1. Serpentine
2. Fall Into Oblivion
3. Fly
4. The Operator
5. Prey
6. Shattered
7. Siren's Calling
8. Angel Eyes
9. Dirty Bitch
10. Torment of Desire
11. Crossfire
12. Storm's a Brewin'
13. Smoke of Deception

オリジナル盤発売日: 2015/1/1
レーベル: Tin Idol Productions
著作権: 2015 Storm
収録時間: 55:42
ジャンル: ハードロック・ヘヴィメタル

“As the newest artist on the Tin Idol Productions label "Storm" is on the cusp of becoming a household name! Sandy "Storm" Essman's powerful vocals scream with emotion, her lyrics - pure poetry. Their debut album will blow listeners away with it's high powered Metal music with incredible melodic vocals!”

"Music has always been my driving source and my passion. It transcends all language, space and time, and unites us as one. To share that with the world is what gives my life purpose. With the genius of Gerard K. Gonsalves, Darren Soliven, Jase LeFebvre, and Tatiana Grecic, this combination of synergistic alchemy explodes 10-fold creating for some of the most amazing melodic metal compositions that come from nothing but the source of the Divine.
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