Return of the Cnidarians - Men in Grey Suits

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Men in Grey Suits
1. Kinder N' Tindlin
2. Cull the Cream
3. Dr. Ray
4. Losteel
5. Pray for Sex
6. Aquatica
7. Mt. St. Genevieve
8. Carcharias Hustle
9. Death Vana
10. Buckle Pump
11. Nu'uanu
12. Bossa Amore
13. Krillgrimage to Nohoch Mul
14. Matamoros

Return of the Cnidarians is the self produced debut album from Hawaii's newest instrumental surf band, voyaging beyond traditional surf rock sounds while keeping 5 toes on the nose dipped in the classic surf vibe.

Genre: Rock: Surf Rock
Release Date: 2014
コピーライトマーク Copyright - Men in Grey Suits / Men in Grey Suits

Album Notes
Recorded at Bat Cave and Soul Rebel studios in Honolulu, HI. Produced by Men in Grey Suits. Engineered and mixed by Robbin Henley Jr. and Men in Grey Suits. Mastering by Milan Bertosa at Hawaii Sound Project LLC

This is for anyone anywhere who enjoys music played by h u m a n o i d s.
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