Kicking and Screaming - Tavana

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1. Tumble Down
2. Slip Into a Coma
3. Love in Honolulu (A Song for Jacquelyn)
4. Baby Blue
5. Hina
6. Late October
7. The Call
8. County Line
9. Desert Rain
10. Drink the Wine
11. Wise Up
12. Mystery

Playing all the instruments at the same time, Tavana Mcmoore delivers a big Blues/Rock sound with this, his third album.

Genre: Rock: Rock & Roll
Release Date: 2014
コピーライトマーク Copyright - Tavana Mcmoore / Tavana Mcmoore

Album Notes

Tavana Mcmoore showcases his one man band show on this full length album. Its has a strong Blues/Rock sound with a hint of Hawaii where Tavana was born and raised. With deep soulful vocals and serious guitar chops his sound is unique and addictive. Tavana plays Acoustic guitar, Weissenborn guitar, and Lapsteel guitar. Meanwhile he uses 4 bass drum triggers with his feet to play all the percussion sounds that you hear. Tavana's captivating on stage energy has also garnered the attention of Eddie Vedder, beloved front-man for the legendary rock band Pearl Jam. Eddie invited Tavana to perform the Hana Hou (Hawaiian for encore) for his 2-Night Sold-Out Solo Performance Concerts at The Hawaii Theater in July 2009. Tavana Mcmoore. Tavana has opened up for such acts as "Alabama Shakes", "Xavier Rudd", "Julian Marley" just to name a few. If you like Blues and Rock music, you are sure to love Tavana Mcmoore.
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