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Technical Difficulties
1. Smoke
2. Briny Deep
3. Jungle
4. Mr. Quiet Part 1
5. Quiet Interlude
6. Mr. Quiet Part 2
7. Sex Is Easier
8. Funky Pants
9. Valery
10. Black As (Night)
11. Boundless
12. New York
13. A Song For The Queen

Progressive rock from Hilo Hawaii. Includes the song Mr. Quiet which was featured in Tim Burton's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Genre: Rock: Progressive Rock
Release Date: 2003
コピーライトマーク Copyright - Technical Difficulties / Technical Difficulties
Album Notes
Frog-rock pioneers Technical Difficulties began their long, storied career in the icy tundra of Maine, where they were forced to carry firewood into dingy basement dives in order to thaw out their audiences.

For reasons unknown and unfathomable they decided that perhaps the tropical island paradise that is the Big Island of Hawaii might be a nicer place to live and work (crazy artists...go figure.)

Most of their time is now spent in intensely focused inspirational sessions--sipping Mai-Tais on the beach (where they live in Hawaii.) The members of Technical Difficulties (or TD as their known to their the beloved "techies") would like the world to know that they can only continue to perform these important and necessary functions as long as people continue to buy their stuff (on sale right now at www.technicaldifficulties.net) ...plus they've written some songs, played some shows, made some videos, and put out some CDs.

Two years in the making, Technical Difficulties' frog-rock masterpiece is hereby unleashed and set loose upon the masses. All studio, all original, including TD concert favorites "Mr. Quiet" (as heard in Tim Burton's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) and "Funky Pants" as well the ethereal "Briny Deep," and the 9 min epic "New York" featuring a 10 piece choir. 13 tracks, 53 mins. Enhanced CD features TD's music videos for "Jungle" and "Sex is Easier." This is the big one.
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