Sticky Icky Soul [Explicit] - Jaz Kaiwiko'o

Sticky Icky Soul [Explicit] - MP3 試聴
Jaz Kaiwiko'o
1. Broken
2. The Rain
3. Lilbit
4. Simply All Natural
5. Floating Away
6. Love On Your Mind
7. Quiet Time
8. Betcha
9. The Yay
10. Poly Soul
11. Monsta

オリジナル盤発売日: 2014/12/1
レーベル: The Lahui Project
著作権: 2014 Jason Yglesias
収録時間: 44:57
ジャンル: R&B ヒップホップ

Jaz Kaiwiko'o is a Hawaii based Producer / Artist originally from the Mission District of San Francisco, CA. He got his start as a DJ in 1983 and many years as a BBboy & Rapper, eventually taking up singing and producing. Now combining Neo Soul & Island.
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