Endless Christmas - Ginai

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1. Cool Yule (feat. Willie K.)
2. Little Drummer Boy (feat. Alika Lyman Group)
3. Jingle Bells (feat. Shari Lynn)
4. The Prayer (feat. Jordan Segundo)
5. Endless Christmas
6. All I Want for Christmas Is You (feat. The Hitjumpers & Starr Kalahiki)
7. Christmas Time Is Here (feat. Jim Howard & Bruce Hamada)
8. This Christmas (feat. Riya Urei Davis)
9. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (feat. Nueva Vida & Andy Suzuki)
10. No Greater Story (feat. Kristian Lei & Joseph Hebert)
11. Endless Christmas Part 2
12. Petit Papa Noel (feat. Benoit Weber)
13. Who Threw Santa Claus Under the Bus (feat. Aidan Curti, Patrick Von Wiegandt & Garry Moore)
14. If We Have Joy (feat. Aidan Curti & Joseph Hebert)

Endless Christmas is a treasure trove of artists, their unique styles, and lots of Ginai’s sentimental favorites! Sample just one and you might find your Faith, Hope, and Joy in Christmas renewed!

オリジナル盤発売日: 2014/11/27
レーベル: Ginai
著作権: 2014 Ginai
収録時間: 50:56
ジャンル: クリスマス

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