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Johnny Valentine
1. To Be Free
2. Was It His Choice
3. One On One With God
4. In Your Lonely Song
5. Don't Ever Stop Loving Me
6. Please Don't Go
7. He's Only Foolin' Around
8. I Don't Wanna Let Go
9. Try Me
10. Pleasant Insomnia

オリジナル盤発売日: 2014/11/16
レーベル: Studio Valentine
著作権: 2014 Studio Valentine One Music
収録時間: 44:51
ジャンル: ニューエイジ・イージーリスニング

Album Notes

This album represents the many aspects of Johnny Valentine. His awe of God, a sincere love for his country, his understanding of the needy people of the world and his struggle for love. He has dedicated himself to releasing an album that can be appreciated by a wide variety of listeners just as he appreciates the many differences people have to offer.
Lead Vocals, guitars, bass, keys: John Valentine, Todd Adamski lead guitar: Foolin Around, Dave Inamine: bass, Gordon Uchima: saxophone, Keyboards and synthesizers; Karl Kasberg, Back vocals: Lawrence Bayot, Feli Almestica, Wendell Donlin, Desiree and Gordon Freitas.

Pledge of Allegiance: Kids in the neighborhood: Warren, Harold, Brandon,
Art Direction: Randall Shiroma Design
Graphic Asst: Vickie Kozuki
Photography: Mike Uno
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