Curse of the Prime Rib Poke - Vaihi

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Curse of the Prime Rib Poke - MP3 試聴
1. Nalo Swag: Living On Easy / You Come My House (Live)
2. Fakateretere (Live)
3. Kolohe Time / Uehe Ami and Slide Medley (Live)
4. Shamalamadingdong (Live)
5. Waikiki Swing: Hawaiian Hospitality / Hula Oni Oni E / Sophisticated Hula (Live)
6. Over the Rainbow (Live)
7. Whats Your Name Girl (Live)
8. When You Cry (Live)
9. Fara E (Live)
10. Beautiful (Live)

オリジナル盤発売日: 2014/11/10
レーベル: Vaihi Entertainment
著作権: 2014 Aaron Kaonohi
収録時間: 48:17
ジャンル: タヒチアン、ハワイアン、ポップス

Album Notes

For 20 years Vaihi has entertained crowds world wide, but being able to capture the feel and vibe of the live performances has been a dream and a goal. Finally it has been accomplished, untamed and musically flowing. Performing covers and originals only in a way that Vaihi can " Curse of the prime rib poke" is a success. This album will take you on a journey focusing on family, home, friends, and love of life. Nalo swag is a throw back to the back yard. A place where family and friends get to together to enjoy food and music. Waikiki swing takes us back to the 1940's when waikiki was a vibrant musical experience for the world. Over the rainbow has been one of the most requested songs for years. Intimate and indearing to those who have lost love ones. Of coarse Shamalama ding -dong is a hit. When you cry is sure to be a favorite amongst those in love. Keeping up with the beatbox accapella, "whats your name girl" adds to the excitment and lends itself to the tradition of Vaihi's accapella beatbox
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