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The Vitals
1. Kahalu'u's Crying
2. Go On
3. Natural Woman
4. Fake Lover
5. One More Time
6. She Got the Roots

The Vitals self-titled EP is a mix of lovers rock, roots, and rock reggae with influences from all over the world.

Genre: Reggae: Rocksteady
Release Date: 2014
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In this very first EP release for The Vitals, we are humbled to feature songs written by all four of our vocalists (Cyd, Nainoa, Keahi, and Ata) that showcase their unique writing styles. With so many talented artists coming from Hawaii, we are super excited to be a part of the ever changing music scene in Hawaii.

We'd like to send a special dedication to Kapena Delima of Bu Print Studios and the group Kapena. All tracks were recorded in his studio, and we spent hours on his couch making the music we love... so "mahalo" Bu! Also a big mahalo to Ron Ruff for his mastering genius! Thanks also to Lotuss Clothing Supply who will ride with us into the future!

Each song on this EP was carefully chosen from our arsenal of original music to showcase the beginning of our musical journey. We hope that we inspire you to love, live, and sometimes to leave. Above all things, we hope our music moves you and that you will continue on this ride with us as we strive to create more music in the future! One Love to you and yours, Ke Akua pu me 'oukou a pau!
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