Lost in Paradise - Greenwood

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1. Sparkle
2. Get Ready
3. Pretty Lady
4. If That's the Way You Want It
5. Summer Sun
6. Suavecito
7. Prelude
8. We Were Always Sweethearts
9. Them Changes
10. Never Can Say Goodbye
11. Cheerleader Strut

“Lost in Paradise” in a compilation of regional hits covered by the local 70’s nightclub band Greenwood that made it big in Hawaii but not necessarily on the Billboard Top 100. Also included are tunes that were synonymous to the band during the 70’s as well as the three songs that were slated to be part of Greenwood’s original LP project in 1985 including the two that were released on their 45 rpm single.

Genre: Pop: 70's Pop
Release Date: 2014
コピーライトマーク Copyright - Greenwood / Forest in Leaf Records

Album Notes

“Lost in Paradise” is a culmination of a recording project which started in 1985. One 45 rpm single, “Cheerleader Strut/Sparkle” was released on Forest and Leaf Records that year targeted for the local HI market. Disappointingly, the single did not perform well commercially so shelved any notion of an LP. Greenwood officially disbanded as a performing band in 1981 but recorded the 45 rpm record in 1985 as it was intended to be the group’s completion of their final unfinished project.

Fast forward to June of 2008 and some 23 years later. Greenwood had reunited to spearhead a local event called the “70’s Nightclub Reunion” in January of 2005. They were well on our way in their third year of running the event when they received a correspondence from a vintage record shop in Japan. The proprietor of the shop got his hands on one of the 45 rpm singles and requested to buy whatever that was left in stock. Out of the 1000 copies that were initially pressed only 80 copies could be found and sold. As the 70’s NCR events kept on rolling, in the following year they received yet another correspondence, this time from a broker who was servicing large record shops with online services in Japan. They too wanted to buy everything in storage of the 45 rpm single. Suddenly after 24 years, the record was in demand as vinyl unbeknownst to the band was experiencing a resurgence in Japan. Fueled by DJ Muro’s inclusion of cut B “Sparkle” on his CD compilation “Hawaiian Breaks” being played at clubs throughout Japan, the record took off! Since Greenwood had no inventory left to sell, they ended up repressing copies to accommodate the order. The string of unbelievable “happenings” continued as the 45 rpm hit #1 on a Japanese website’s top hits list in the soul and funk category for two weeks! As the 70’s NCR event drew to a close in 2012 after an 8 year 10 show run, Greenwood decided to finish up the once abandoned LP project.

As they performed through those 10 concerts it was evident how much of an impact certain tunes still had after all those years passed. “Lost in Paradise” in a copulation of regional hits that made it big in HI but not necessarily on the Billboard Top 100, as well as tunes that were synonymous to the band during the 70’s. Also included are the three songs that were slated to be part of their original LP project including the two that were released on their 45 rpm single.

So sit back, listen and enjoy “Lost in Paradise” with songs that will place you back to the days of disco nightclubs, Angels Flights three piece leisure suits, and to a certain place in time as you remember them!
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