Post Contact - Kalua Moa

Post Contact - MP3 試聴
Kalua Moa
1. Back to the Roots
2. Red Line
3. Ransack and Perish
4. Green Nebula

オリジナル盤発売日: 2014/9/30
レーベル: Kalua Moa
著作権: 2014 Kalua Moa
収録時間: 21:06
ジャンル: ルーツ・レゲエ

Album Notes
Kalua Moa Roots was founded upon the misty mountains of Lawai, HI.
The philosophy behind Kalua Moa is to be a modern representation of a psychedelic relic.

"We walk a fine line between the past and the present, our main goal is to remain as grounded as possible"- Bradda Chase

Kalua Moa's music can be defined as "Classic Roots Reggae" with a general focus on feel rather than technicality.
Mesmerizing progressions linked with powerful lyrics propel you into a trancelike state, as the detailed and ominous baselines secure your feet to the ground.

"Post Contact" is their latest E.P Recorded at U.K.E Unknown Endeavors on Kauai, HI. "We wanted to go as small and gorilla style as possible. There were moments when we used vacant houses to record live drums and rooms with live animal cages to record guitar."-Bradda Chase The result is a very natural and organic feeling E.P that will make a great addition to any stoney jams playlist you like to get high to! Aloha


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