Barefoot Minded - Barefoot Minded

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Barefoot Minded
1. In the Islands
2. Mango Kisses
3. Wheeler Song
4. Cruisin On
5. Tonight With You
6. Birds of Paradise
7. Love Town
8. Stay Positive
9. Smooth Sails
10. Give More Than You Take

With beachy vibes and sunny melodies, this dynamic duo makes you want to kick off those shoes and become Barefoot Minded...

Genre: Folk: Folk Pop
Release Date: 2014
コピーライトマーク Copyright - Barefoot Minded / Barefoot Minded

Album Notes
From the beautiful island of Maui, this dynamic duo puts together a compilation of songs inspired by their lifestyle on the island. This fresh and feel good beachy vibe is infectious. From surfing their favorite spots, to sailing around the islands to lazy days hanging under coconut trees, their sunny melodies will make you wanna kick off those shoes and become Barefoot Minded.
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