I Am Just a Girl - Madison

I Am Just a Girl - cdbaby Listen(試聴)
1. Shy Girl
2. How Come
3. I Am Just a Girl
4. My Song
5. Don't Wanna Grow Up
6. Those Boys
7. This Is My Life
8. Hanalei Tears
9. 2:08 Am
10. Buildings Tumble Down
11. Somewhere Over the Rainbow / What a Wonderful World

Madison's first album of originals (recorded at just 13 years old) highlight her instantly recognizable, velvety-smooth, rich, smoky tone, fused with a contemporary-pop sound (and a little island magic).

Genre: Pop: California Pop
Release Date: 2012
コピーライトマーク Copyright - Paradise Found Records / Paradise Found Records

Album Notes

Madison began singing at a young age, and started playing ukulele at 13 years old, then soon followed with the guitar. Self-taught on these acoustic instruments, and gifted with her amazing voice, as well as with a natural ability to write her own songs, Madison was written up on the Island of Kauai as "The North Shore Musical Prodigy" in the Garden Island Newspaper.

The minute Madison first started performing on Kauai professionally at 13, she quickly started drawing returning audiences wherever she would play from both visitors and locals. Whether performing covers or singing her own original songs, this young natural beauty's home-grown, organic sound is easily & instantly recognizable, and hard to forget once heard.

Audiences continually say after they’ve had the pleasure of hearing Madison’s voice, they are left wanting more, which causes many to continue following her performances again and again.
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