Hype Machine - Q-Dogg

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1. Block Muzick
2. Tha Coalition
3. Island Thump (feat. Smooth Daddy & Kid Triggz)
4. Hype Machine (feat. Smooth Daddy)
5. Partayy
6. Ono
7. Mackin' n Swervin'
8. Swangin' (feat. Papalo)
9. Smoke Sesh (feat. Bmc) 10. Skit 1
11. Jonkfromrepompulous (feat. Dopestar)
12. Perpetual Motion (feat. Dopestar)
13. Love's Affairs (feat. Kalisi)
14. Skit 2
15. Xxxplosive
16. Dreams n Motion
17. Iron Lycan: The Prequel
18. Story of the Dogg

Dirty South Rapper living in Hawaii releasing his Debut album with a style similar to Z-Ro, UGK, and Ludacris. With Collaborations from other artists in the Islands.

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap: Dirty South
Release Date: 2014
コピーライトマーク Copyright - Q-Dogg / Q-Dogg

Album Notes

Born in Houston, raised in Dallas, TX, graduated High School in California, Now living in Hawai'i. A quick look into the life of Q-Dogg
of Deep Deep West, a Hip-Hop group based out of the Island of Maui, and you can see the mix of different cultures and lifestyles within his
music. With almost 3 years of experience under his belt, this Rapper/Singer/Songwriter brings the Country Rap/Texas style made popular
by artists like UGK, Z-Ro, or Chamillionaire with more lyricism towards hip-hop and real life with a little bit of Island flavor to round it
all out. At 22 years of age, the future looks very bright for this young talent. Recently interviewed on Flex103FM in NY as well
as on multiple mixtapes including the Factory Hustle Series hosted by Dj Gallo. The buzz is slowly but surely building and will only be a matter
of time before Q-Dogg is a household name with his signature sound. Living in so many different places made him aware of the
everyday struggle that is experienced worldwide in many different ways. Thus creating honest music that can be appreciated by open minds.
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