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1. Ka Ua Kilihune
2. A Luna I Ka Pali
3. Waikoloa
4. Ka Nani A'o Ka'u
5. E 'ike I Ka Nani A'o Ha'ena
6. Hu'i E
7. E Ku'u Lei E Ku'u Ipo
8. Aloha Ku'u Home a I Kane'ohe
9. Ka Pua Kiele
10. Sophisticated Hula

ABOUT HU`EWA The Hawaiian name, Hūʻewa, translates as “to sing, or create on their own path.” Comprised of Kekoa Kane, Kahi Young, and Kupu Dalire-Na`auao, these three young gentlemen from O`ahu are deeply connected to the hula world and music industry. As children or grandchildren of well-known parents/performers and kupuna (elders), they specifically chose their name, Hūʻewa, with the intention of carrying on the Hawaiian traditions in their own way, while continuing to honor all of those who have come before them.

Genre: World: Hawaiian
Release Date: 2014
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Hū`ewa (pronounced HOO-EV-AHH) began with three young men who decided they loved to play Hawaiian music together. The name, Hū`ewa, means, “to sing or create on our own path.” The members of the group include Kekoa Kane, Kahi Young, and Kupu Dalire-Na`auao. Kekoa, the leader of the group, plays the ukulele and is the lead vocalist. Kahi Young plays the bass, and Kupu Dalire-Na`auao plays the guitar. Together their blended harmonies are reminiscent of the good old days, however their youthful flare ignites the child within and recalls the carefree times.

Kekoa Kane is a powerful reminder that music has a magical, unseen quality of power that can evoke feelings of love and intensity, create a peace that settles deep into your na’au (a gut or deep feeling), or move a massive crowd to action. At 23, his soulful and passionate vocal abilities are mature for a person of his age. His grasp of vocal control is amazing, whether he is singing Hawaiian Falsetto, an R&B ballad, or a hard-driven Reggae composition. While his repertoire includes a specialty in Hawaiian music, he is passionate about all musical genres including Island and Progressive Reggae music. Just as hula is pleasing because of the drummer, a song is powerful because of the singer who drives it. When asked what he loved about music, his reply was simple: “Music is what I know, yet I learn more and more about it everyday. I want to be that one, that person to move a crowd to tears doing what I love.”

Fifteen year old Kupu Dalire-Na`auao is a born entertainer with music and hula in his blood. His mother is Kumu Hula, Kau`i Dalire, a multi-talented producer and songwriter, as well as winner of the Miss Aloha Hula title in 1992, and his father is the award-winning singer-songwriter (and founding member of the Mana`o Company) Sean Na`auao. Kupu began playing music at the tender age of three with his first instrument being the ukulele, and has now mastered the guitar and bass. A sophomore at Kamehameha Schools Kapalama, class of 2016, he continues his musical education with Les Ceballos, and hula with Kaleo Trinidad, respectively. Off campus, he learns daily from his natural surroundings and family environment. Kupu continues to absorb the wealth of knowledge and experience from influential people such as Robert Cazimero, Mailani Makainai, his tutu (Grandmother) Aloha Dalire, and all of the wonderful people who are invested in his life.

Rounding out the group is Kahi Young, who at age 18, also comes from a talented music and hula ohana (family). His tutu (grandmother), Aulani Young, is a former Miss Aloha Hula 1972, and a great friend of Kupu's tutu, Aloha Dalire. It was Aulani who helped to guide Kahi by correcting his Hawaiian pronunciation and memorization of songs. Kahi is well traveled for being so young, but has a lot of real world experience by performing as a back-up musician and traveling with the famous Lim Family.

Hū`ewa is a good sign of what the future holds for the continuation of traditional Hawaiian music. They are young, energetic, and well grounded and will definitely create their own path in today's music industry.

For further information about Hū`ewa, bookings, or tour schedule, please contact manager, Kau`i Dalire, at 808.627.2942, or email at
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