A Lot Like Love -Single- Mailani

A Lot Like Love - cdbaby Listen(試聴)
1. A Lot Like Love

Genre: World: Hawaiian
Release Date: 2014
コピーライトマーク Copyright - Ha Enterprises

Mailani Makainai, island woman steadfast in perpetuating Hawaiian culture and music showcases another side of her bubbly personality. In no way is this a departure from her Hawaiian roots, but a glimpse of this well rounded, well liked mover and shaker. Sharing Hawaii with the rest of the world with her fun, charismatic smile entices one to dance along or pick up an ukulele and jam. "A lot like love" resounds positive vibrations and a happy outlook on life in our hawaii nei. She is indeed a gem of the pacific representing the true essence of Hawaiian women. Don't be fooled, you will enjoy her music through the eyes of a Hawaiian woman.
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