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The Eazy
1 Good Company
2 Blood Inna Water
3 Nightwings
4 Wind Upon Water
5 Slack Jawed
6 Dos Amantes
7 Molokai Stomp
8 Wayfinding

ジャンル: ロック, ミュージック, ワールド
リリース: 2014年6月5日
℗ 2014 Thomas Arnold

Album Notes
Great song writing and a wholly new and original Ukulele style ,combining equal parts bruddah IZ and Black Sabbath.Conscious lyrics like Bob Marley
soulful vocals ,Island country guitar picking,Funky bass,and a back-beat in too many styles to mention. ,combined with production by Gary Myerberg-Lauter former live engineer for Bruce Springsteen and chief engineer at A&M records Los Angeles . Sonic perfection and sure to bring "chicken skin"moments to aficionados of band music.
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