Breath of the Sun - Kamakane

Breath of the Sun - iTunes
1. The Back Road Home
2. Moa Kane Kauai
3. Morning Rain
4. Haunama
5. Paniolo Trails
6. Breath of the Sun
7. Wailua
8. Hone Hone
9. The Menehune Mele
10. Uncle Johnny's Song
11. Slack Key Flamenco
12. Kipa Hou Mai

ジャンル: クラシック, ミュージック, New Age
リリース: 2013年3月1日
℗ 2013 Kamakane

Album Notes

Guitar instructor, performer and enthusiast. Lover of melody

Kamakane is one of the worlds best Slack Key Artist. As a Hawaii native, he has cultivated a flawless style of playing Hawaiian Slack Key that transcends musical genius. His world travels are easy to detect as his music has spicy splashes of Flamenco, sparks of Bluegrass mixed with a sweet spiritually. Good luck resisting his stage presence & guitar playing that makes for a tranquil & uplifting sound that is all his own.
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