Believe - Believe

Believe -
Believe -
1. The One
2. Heaven Sent Love
3. Show Me Love
4. Wouldn't It Be Nice
5. Don't You Worry
6. Birthday Song
7. Completely
8. Take Your Hand
9. Honey
10. Fly Away
11. Should've Known

CD (2003/2/21)
ディスク枚数: 1
フォーマット: Import
レーベル: Hobo House on Hill

Product Description

Simply, put, Believe is Hawaii's newest female singing group sensation. Their debut self-titled CD, "Believe," will surely be the hottest new CD of the season. Malama Puhi, Rayna Chong and Abby Vasconcellos have drawn on personal experiences and now express these experiences through the eyes of vibrant, young, island women. They use their voices to carry these expressions further, blending together in harmony to sing songs of love, life, relationships and spiritual happiness. The songs are all original pieces of work, and the lyrics become musical images of special moments...the realization of being in love for the first time, wanting to feel needed by that special person, and looking back at past relationships. Through their songs, you'll relive these moments in your own life. Let the soft, sweet voices of Believe take you there. Make this latest project a must have addition to your contemporary island music collection.
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