Stay With You - Kawohi Kamaka

Stay With You - MP3 試聴
Kawohi Kamaka
1. Stay With You

Kawohi Fell in love with this song while it was the "Cool Down" song for his Zumba Class.

Genre: Urban/R&B: R&B Pop Crossover
Release Date: 2014
コピーライトマーク Copyright - John Legend / The Lahui Project

Album Notes

"Stay With You"
Written by john Legend
Alfred "Boy" Kawohi Kamaka: Lead Vocal & Guitar
Jaz Kaiwikoo: Producer & Back Vocals
Recorded by Jaz Kaiwikoo at KML Studio , Honalo Kona, HI.
Mixed by Damon Williams.
Cover: Mele McPherson
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