A He Leo Wale No E - Hulu Lindsey

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Hulu Lindsey
1. Makaha
2. Kalaupapa3. I Ali'i No 'Oe
4. Waimea Lullaby w/ Aaron Sala
5. He Aloha No 'O Palauea
6. Pua Be Still
7. Kau'ionalani
8. Minoaka
9. My Sweet Gardenia Lei
10. Na Kipikoa
11. Lei Kiele
12. E Ku'u Sweet Lei Poina 'Ole

Hulu Lindsey sings her greatest offering yet, in this collection of traditional Hawaiian songs. Although Hulu is a seasoned entertainer and recording artist, this recording is unique and exceptional as it captures the lovely inflections in her voice.

Genre: World: Hawaiian
Release Date: 2014
コピーライトマーク Copyright - Hulu Lindsey / Hulu Lindsey

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