Maluaka - Kalani Peʻa Featuring Kekuhi Kanahele


Maluaka (feat. Kekuhi Kanahele) - MP3 Listen
Maluaka (feat. Kekuhi Kanahele) - MP3 試聴
Kalani Peʻa Featuring Kekuhi Kanahele
1. Maluaka

Kalani Peʻa is a Hawaiian Language Speaker, Singer & Composer who's soulful approach brings a romantic contemporary feel & sound to Hawaiian Music, while still remaining true to the Hula feel & use of Kaona (hidden meaning) of Traditional Hawaiian Music.

Genre: World: Hawaiian
Release Date: 2014
c Copyright - Kalani Peʻa / Kalehua Simeona / Jason Yglesias / The Lahui Project


Lyrics : Kalehua Simeona, Melody: Kalani Peʻa, Music: Jaz Kaiwikoʻo (Jason Yglesias) and Kawohi Boy Kamaka.
Special Guest : Performed & Written by Kekuhi Kanahele. Recorded & produced by Jaz Kaiwikoʻo at KML Studio, Kona, HI. Kekuhiʻs vocal recorded at her residents in Panaewa, Hilo, HI. All instruments: Boy Kamaka, Ipu: Kaʻea Lyons. mastered by Damon Williams in Pahoa, HI.

Maluaka takes you to a quiescent place above Kahalu'u-Manowai in Keauhou. It is a place where Hāloa is planted and honored, where Kalo is cultivated to nourish our communities following the proper moon phase. Maluaka is a place where people learn to be sustainable, while our loved ones embrace the kolonahe winds coming in tempestuously through the bamboo grove. The bamboo is already utilized for makoi (fishing) or burrowing into the ground where we can plant our kalo and the uhiwai is shown. Maluaka is a place of life and prosperity! Ola!
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